Double Emiko Ring Double Emiko Ring

Double Emiko Ring


Emiko XL ring Emiko XL ring

Emiko XL ring


Emiko ring Emiko ring

Emiko ring


Meido Ring Meido Ring

Meido Ring


Double Nami Ring Double Nami Ring

Double Nami Ring


Nami Ring Nami Ring

Nami Ring


Double ring Nami LA Double ring Nami LA

Double ring Nami LA


Double ring Nami SOL Double ring Nami SOL

Double ring Nami SOL


Ring Nami SOL Ring Nami SOL

Ring Nami SOL


Ring Nami LA Ring Nami LA

Ring Nami LA


Double ring Nami DO Double ring Nami DO

Double ring Nami DO


Ring Nami DO Ring Nami DO

Ring Nami DO


Nuée de Paris high-fashion rings: top-of-the-range collections

Nuée de Paris high-fashion rings are drawn from our permanent collections: Emiko, Meido, and Nami. Each of these collections is an ode to nature, capturing its splendor in an exceptional way.

Emiko, inspired by delicate hydrangea petals, brings a touch of grace and freshness to your outfit. Each ring in this collection evokes the softness of flowers and transports you to a garden in bloom, where the beauty of nature is sublimated.

The Meido collection draws its inspiration from the anemone flower, a symbol of ephemeral beauty. Our Meido rings offer a mysterious elegance and unique charm that are sure to set you apart. They evoke the mystery of nature and its well-kept secrets.

Nami, the collection of waves created by rain on water, is a celebration of fluidity and grace. The rings in the Nami collection are of unparalleled elegance, set with cultured pearls and natural stones carefully selected for their natural beauty. Each Nami ring is an ode to the tranquility of water and the soothing power of rain.

High-fashion, adjustable, eco-friendly rings

We understand that size can be a concern when it comes to jewelry. That's why all our high-fashion rings are adjustable. So you don't have to worry about the size of your fingers. Nuée de Paris high fashion rings adapt to you, guaranteeing unrivalled comfort and a perfect fit, whatever your finger.

The Nuée de Paris Commitment

Nuée de Paris is much more than a high-end jewelry brand. We are a committed brand that believes in social and environmental responsibility. That's why we donate part of our profits to two essential associations: Terre d'abeille and Ruban rose.

Terre d'abeilles works to protect bees, the precious pollinators that are essential to the preservation of our ecosystem. By supporting Terre d'abeille, Nuée de Paris is helping to preserve biodiversity and safeguard our planet.

Ruban rose is an association committed to the fight against breast cancer. By supporting Ruban rose, Nuée de Paris contributes to research, prevention and support for those affected by this devastating disease.

We believe in preserving our planet, which is why our commitment to the environment is not limited to our charitable donations. Our packaging is eco-responsible, carefully designed to reduce our carbon footprint. Each Nuée de Paris jewel is delivered in an elegant, environmentally-friendly FSC-certified and EcoFriendly box to ensure that your experience is not only luxurious but also respectful of nature.

Explore our collection of Haute Fantaisie Rings, discover the story behind each collection, and join our adventure. We are proud to accompany you on your journey towards timeless elegance, natural beauty and a positive impact on our planet.