Emiko Adjustable Necklace Emiko Adjustable Necklace

Emiko Adjustable Necklace

240 €

Emiko earrings Emiko earrings

Emiko earrings

185 €

Double Emiko Ring Double Emiko Ring

Double Emiko Ring

200 €

Emiko XL ring Emiko XL ring

Emiko XL ring

219 €

Emiko ring Emiko ring

Emiko ring

180 €

Meido Ring Meido Ring

Meido Ring

195 €

Double Nami Ring Double Nami Ring

Double Nami Ring

200 €

Meido Brooch Meido Brooch

Meido Brooch

180 €

Nami Pin Nami Pin

Nami Pin

170 €

Nami DO Pin Nami DO Pin

Nami DO Pin

189 €

Nami Ring Nami Ring

Nami Ring

180 €

Double ring Nami DO Double ring Nami DO

Double ring Nami DO

239 €

Nuée de Paris presents its high fashion jewellery made in France. The Emiko, Meido and Nami collections.

Our Haute Fantaisie jewellery is made of 3 micron 18 Kt gold-plated brass. They are the result of several months of work. It takes about a year of work and tests and above all a lot of patience before we can present you with a new model. Our Haute Fantaisie creations are accompanied by delicate and precious elements such as cultured pearls, Murano pearls, porcelain beads and fine stones carefully sourced and chosen by us.

The Emiko collection takes its inspiration from the hydrangea petal, a flower synonymous with the carefree time, happiness and childhood memories of the Nuée de Paris designer. She wanted to give a timeless dimension to the hydrangea petal, as if it were deposited by the wind on the skin. What we love about the Emiko pattern is its lightness, which seems to follow the movement of the body.
Did you know that? The name Emiko means "the one who goes forward" in Japanese.

The Meido collection was born from the desire to crystallise the dance of the anemone to the rhythm of the wind. The anemone stands for perseverance, confidence and tenderness. It symbolises the subtlety of emotions. For this piece The designer of Nuée de Paris wanted to highlight the dimension of the anemone fragility . A flower guided by the wind whose petals let the daylight in. The Meido collection is a strong piece of Nuée de Paris. The symbolism of this jewel is the wound that belongs to us but does not kill us. One petal is missing, like a wound, and yet the anemone retains its strength and beauty.

The Nami collection immortalizes the waves that rain creates on water. The drops seem to freeze on the skin and dance to the rhythm of our movements.
More than the beauty of water on water, it is also an enchanting melody that invites itself to the meeting and creates this hypnotic spectacle of nature.

This delicate design offered by nature is accompanied by a soft melody

Our desire? To highlight the know-how and quality craft techniques while supporting associations that are dear to us.
With each sale, we donate part of our profits to the associations Terre d'Abeilles and Ruban Rose.
Concerned about our impact on the planet, we are committed to using entirely eco-friendly packaging.